About Toby

Our friend, Toby Lyndon, is one of the most positive people you’ll ever meet. On 10 October 2009, at the age of 21, Toby was leaving a party when he was hit by a train suffering a brain injury and losing both his legs (from the thighs down).

Nearly ten years later, we came across Toby, homeless and living in his car but determined to become a Paralympian. Working hard to train in his first triathlon. In November 2018, after having a meal and his clothes washed at a service provider, Toby was travelling to find a safe place to park and sleep when his new prosthetic legs locked into his steering wheel and crashing his car into a streetlight pole.

Toby was still determined to do what he does, catch the bus to training and back to the crash site (the car was a write off). Toby also had his car broken into and his belongings taken before it was towed.

Toby’s outlook in life is simple, it is one of positivity and gratitude.Despite all these setbacks. Toby makes you appreciate the simple things in life.

This page has been set up with one goal, Wheels for Toby. 

Wheels 1: We are hoping to raise enough funds to buy him a customised wheelchair to compete in the Proximity Canberra Triathlon Festival, Australia (9 February 2019). ***** WATCH THIS SPACE*****

Wheels 2: A new car customised to Toby’s needs. Goal Achieved!

 Wheels for Toby Fundraiser

Thank you for visiting our page, we hope that you can help our our friend Toby and visit our fundraiser page. We are aiming to take donations until 30th April 2019 to help Toby with the upkeep of his car.


Toby on a borrowed hand cycle

Wheels for Toby

Wheels for Toby aims to raise funds to purchase Toby a customised wheelchair and car.

A customised wheelchair allows Toby to train and compete at the elite level in triathlons.

A customised car allows Toby to still get around and not lose his independence. Toby’s car was written off this year, this was his home for the past two years.