Toby’s mates

Helping out a friend is one of the greatest gifts in life.

Jeremy Lasek 

In July 2018, after a long career in the media and  communications, l decided to end full time work to focus more on other priorities in life. Earlier this year, through  my volunteering work I met Toby, who clearly has had a tough time since tragically losing his legs nearly a decade ago in a train accident. What struck me instantly about Toby was his positivity.

His life was turned upside down as a young man, aged just 21, and with the world at his feet. I don’t know how I would have responded if I’d found myself in Toby’s situation. I’m in awe at his inner strength and resolve. Far from giving up, or relying on the system to help him out, Toby has shown a fierce determination to remain independent and to strive to be the best person he can be, despite his physical challenges.

By launching ‘Wheels for Toby’ I hope it helps give this remarkable young bloke a new start – and allow him to achieve his dream of competing in triathlon at the highest level. A donation, no matter how small, can make a big difference to Toby’s life.

Noreen Vu

I have been working in town planning and currently work in environmental management.

I became friends with Toby in 2018. I was volunteering for a charity that connects with the homeless and started to talk to Toby and heard about his story, how he lost his legs, how he got to Canberra and what he was hoping to achieve.

Toby was living in his car. But you know what, you would think his heart was so full despite his setbacks. His outlook to life made me envy him and marvel at him. Toby ended up crashing his car some weeks after I met him. I heard stories from people in the area who had seen him, still sleeping in his car.

Without his car, Toby was walking further distances to get to training in his new prosthetic legs, causing more damage than good. He told me some days there was blood in them, yet he never said this in a complaining tone. More importantly, it never stopped him. He has such a good spin on everything. You want to be around this guy!

I see Toby as a fit, young man who has so much opportunity. ‘Wheels for Toby’ sets a goal of helping Toby to compete in triathlons and to celebrate his positive mental attitude.

To help us achieve the goal for Wheels for Toby, please visit our fundraising website: